The most important thing is that you not deny the beauty that is within you for this will lead to a life of greater joy so you can live in a richer and fuller way.

This is no small thing.

There are those who would believe that those who look inward – remaining conscious to their own choices and decisions – are selfish, or that this is a waste of time or that this inner journey does not offer others what they need.

But what others need is Love and Compassion and Understanding.

When YOU are individually stuck without that Love, Compassion, and Understanding for yourself, you are only then giving lip-service to that Love, Compassion, and Understanding to others. And so it is a 2-way street.

Of course you will offer Love, Compassion, and Understanding to others, but clearly you must give it to yourself to complete the circle.

This is your SPIRITUALITY. This is who you are and will always set you on a better path. A path closer to you so you can be closer to others.

Guidance Message week of 9.16.19

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