Dear Jill Amy,

Right now living in the U.S. things feel so cynical and hopeless. Our current president is turning our wild lands into private lands, the people leading our government are corrupt and greedy for power to further their own self-interests, and I feel more and more like there is little I can do to stop this tide of negative self-indulgence. Why is personal power more important to some people than doing what's good for the entire populace?

Signed, KR from Austin, TX

Dear KR from Austin, TX,

Power and greed are not new concepts. They are forged by one’s own displacement of others. Men who seek power are those who have believed in power and once power is attained it is an ego driven lust that most refuse to shake.
The idea of “letting go” brings fear to many. Most people want to hold onto what they have. And in most cases those who hold on the tightest are those who live in fear. They fear losing. Winning and Losing are not the culprits however. The true culprit is “loss.”

Most can’t handle loss. But loss is put in front of you daily. And for those who experience great loss, either admit that loss is real and humble themselves before it or feel the loss and rail against it never to experience it again.
Both take courage, but in the case of those who decide to shut themselves off from loss – to build a life where loss can’t hurt them, to secure themselves to situations where only they rule over loss are those who have decided that only their view matters.

When someone’s view matters more than others, they care less about others, and more about the fear of loss. And in all people there is this. In small amounts it is self-preservation and is a truth for how humans live. In larger amounts it is self-serving and in that way those who believe in themselves more than others have lost their way.
There is nothing to be done when power has been corrupted by loss. But we ask that you remain watchful of the things you can change. You can change disharmony to harmony. You can change radical thinking with radical love. And you can certainly bring cheer when it feels that all hope is lost.

Hope however has never been lost. Hope does not lose. Hope cannot be a loss. Loss is a way to humble oneself to the greater good, not a way to get lost in loss. For you, we ask that you view what loss means to you. Do not sink into the despair of loss. Do not let loss move you to power. But do allow what you feel about loss to inform your decisions that speak to the truth of what loss is, what loss teaches.

For loss is human. It is a function of being human. It is a function of life itself. It is a gift to believe in its wisdom not in its power. It is a place not to be feared, but a place to accept. Be accepting of loss in your life and teach others how it can be gracefully done.

Namaste and blessings on your path,

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