Thanks so much for a wonderful reading and a very good look into my life! Really excellent! And drop-box made it so easy to access my recording. I’ll be glad to refer others.

Posted in Tarot by Irene F.

During the seven years I worked with Jill, I tripled my income and lost 100 pounds. Jill’s work helped me, and my life changed for the better in so many ways. Her work is powerful, deep, and real.

Posted in Tarot by Cathleen W.

Thank you again for such an insightful, helpful and stimulating reading. I always say you are the best, and this is why. You helped ID an ”atmosphere” I hold regarding my project that has indeed kept me from jumping into the next stage of its growth. Knowing more about it will, as you said, help me confront the parts that are fiction and listen to the parts that aren’t.

Posted in Tarot by Alice T.

Thanks to your guidance, I have started printing my art on fabrics which has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities in my career.

Posted in Tarot by Shannon K.

Jill has an authentic clarity that is invaluable. The wisdom is timeless. She is more than a tarot "reader." I call her an intuitive tarot coach. I know I can listen to the recording in 6 months from now and still get something new that will help me.

Posted in Tarot by Shanna R.

Jill Amy is amazing. I had a reading that helped me sooooo much!

Posted in Tarot by Rosie F.

A rare combination of world drumming talent and tarot card reading brilliance, I highly recommend Jill Amy Sager. Her understanding of the cards is divinely guided and has helped me in times of transitions, deep times of loss, joyful times of integrating love, beauty, and joy.

Posted in Tarot by Christine S.

Jill’s divine guidance is genuine and beyond helpful. It was such a gift to have my question be heard and to receive spiritual reassurance that I need to stay compassionate with an open heart during a time of major life transitions. Thank you!

Posted in Tarot by Rachel D.

Jill’s reading was my first-ever tarot experience. I got a mini-reading and instead of being like fortune-telling (which I mistakenly assumed), it was more like a really good, short counseling session. Jill facilitated it with skill and confidence; she is like a coach-therapist-seer who quickly assessed the cards and fluently conveyed what they suggested for me. The wisdom and possibilities offered by the reading are very helpful — a potent hit of insight I can definitely apply to my life.

Posted in Tarot by Trena C.

When I lived in Eugene, Oregon, I often had Tarot readings with Jill Sager. I was always amazed at how spot on they were, and the wealth of information I received. Over 7 years later, I recently had another Tarot reading. I was immediately reminded of Jill’s unique gift. Her reading not only confirmed that I was headed in the right direction professionally, but her reading gave me a roadmap for moving forward and making decisions in both my personal and professional life. One of the major insights that came to light during my reading was deep seated pain that has the potential to sabotage my personal life – an issue that I had an inkling was present but Jill’s reading gave it context and a clearer understanding of how I need to approach healing. At the end of the reading, I told Jill, “You’ve still got it!” And she does. You can’t go wrong with a reading from Jill Sager. She’s the best. I won’t wait another 7 years for a reading!

Posted in Tarot by Tina S.

I've had a bunch of readings over the years, but never Tarot - for whatever reason. This was good, excellent in fact. Thank you so much!

Posted in Tarot by Jim R.

I’d never had a Tarot reading before, this was my first time. Jill Amy's reading helped me sooo much! Thank you Jill Amy.

Posted in Tarot by Robin L.

I’ve worked with Jill Amy and Guidance for more than a decade and this consistency has made a huge difference in my life. Whether it was big challenges (hello, Life!) or small hiccups (well, crap that happened), the information has always helped me move through and forward in my development with greater understanding and connection to the Universe. The freedom and joy I feel today is in no small part due to her skill. If you choose to work with Jill Amy in any capacity and follow the guidance given, it will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

Posted in Tarot by JoJo J.

THANK YOU!! Your reading was just the clarity and forward momentum and reassurance I needed! Absolutely perfect and honored to receive such crystal clear and resonant guidance. Thank you so much for your help! Always loving your Guidance's musings and your newsletters too.

Posted in Tarot by Julia A.M.

THANK YOU! Jill was such a joy and a light to speak to. I had a phone reading and I really enjoyed our conversation. I HIGHLY recommend folks to book a session with her! You can tell she has mastered her gift and takes what she does very seriously! She is a gem and greatly appreciated (: It was such a great experience and I am already feeling myself release energy blockages that I knew were there but unsure why/how. I got off the phone feeling peaceful, enlightened, informed and ready to conquer it all.

Posted in Tarot by Alexis M.

Immediately Jill Amy picked up on my concerns. I may have purposefully left my question open ended so it was so reassuring that she connected with the situation and definitely gave me some light and guidance in a way I didn't expect but feel very confident about now. The best reading I've ever got. 100000000 out of 10. I highly recommend Jill Amy. She truly has a gift

Posted in Tarot by Trey H.

Your gifts are a light for the world. Thank you for listening to your true self and your guides - your bravery and trust benefits all.

Posted in Tarot by Ana B.

Jill is amazingly accurate and the guides, through her, have made an incredible difference in my life. I was raised Methodist so thought I'd gone down the rabbit hole when I first met her over 20 years ago, and now after all of her (their) invaluable help to get to solutions I don't believe there was an easier way to reach, I am a grateful believer. Jill is the real deal.

Posted in Tarot by Sarah W.

Your community drum circle workshop was a success with park and recreation professionals who felt the training provided many therapeutic benefits as well as solid fun.

Posted in Drumming by Frank Jagodnik, ORPA Executive Director

I wanted to thank you so much for your intuitive counseling. You bring lightness, love, a sense of humor, and a human quality that makes it relative.

Posted in Tarot by Jerry S.

Thanks for such an accurate and helpful reading. I am very grateful.

Posted in Tarot by Barbara W.

My reading was a wonderful experience. You have a nice, pleasant, patient way of processing questions and concerns.

Posted in Tarot by Miguel G.

Out of all the sources of help and information I’ve searched out over the years, yours was one of the most helpful encounters I’ve ever had.

Posted in Tarot by Janee S.

You truly have a gift. You are so talented at this.

Posted in Tarot by Alana B.

I had my astrology chart done shortly after my reading with you and wanted to give you the feedback that you were right on.

Posted in Tarot by Torrie B.

Thank you so much for the reading – you touched upon many current things in my life – great intuition there!

Posted in Tarot by Rod F.

Thanks for the reading. It has given me a greater understanding of myself.

Posted in Tarot by Deb P.

I listened again to the Tarot reading you did for me now almost three years ago. It was amazing. There was so much wisdom and insight on that CD, and much of what you said would happen, actually did.

Posted in Tarot by William B.

Jill, Wow! You rock. Jill is A talented intuitive facilitator and musician, who has the gift of bringing people into the magic of drumming for healing, self-expression, community building, and JOY!

Posted in Drumming by Christine Stevens, MSW, MA, MT-BC Founder Upbeat Drum Circles, author, music medicine, healing drum kit

Jill's instruction is powerful and her clarity and focus on the essence of hand drumming left me inspired and more committed than ever to furthering the development of our drum circle back home.

Posted in Drumming by D. Chase, Participant at 5 day drum workshop

Jill is an excellent teacher. She had us laughing and making rhythmic music. I'll be using what I learned in my classroom because I also learned that music teaches children important skills, like respect, cooperation, and listening.

Posted in Drumming by Elementary Ed. Major, University of Oregon

Drumming is a wonderful tool for physical, social and language development in preschoolers. Jill’s DVD is an amazing way to learn drumming in your own home, and the whole family can learn together!

Posted in Drumming by Ali Johnson, Montessori Early Childhood Credentialed Preschool Teacher

I am amazed how this DVD/book pulls together so many vital drumming concepts and answers so many questions in a fun and easy-to-follow format.

Posted in Drumming by Brian West, Tour drummer for Hallie Loren, The Sugar Beets, kit and hand drum instructor

Jill's DVD and Booklet is Great! The best! And a must for anyone who is interested in learning how to get started on hand drums. The first lessons are so achievable, so clear, so well presented and understandable and fun too. This is the one DVD to get!

Posted in Drumming by Dave Getz, Drummer for Janis Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company

I really like the way you focus on community music making and the basics of drumming, music, and playing together.

Posted in Drumming by Kalani Das, Board certified music therapist and world percussion specialist who has worked with music legends Barry Manilow, Yanni, Kenny Loggins, and Rod Stuart