Who Couldn’t Use Some Guidance?

Down to Earth Readings with a Side of Spirit

My mission is to give you the information you need so you can move forward with wisdom and clarity about yourself and your situation.

I use Tarot cards because they’re a solid divination tool that illuminates our internal life – after all, the wisdom you seek is already within you. Guidance will speak to the fullness of what you want to know and more importantly what you need to hear.

Guidance is a positive loving mentor that like a fairy godmother wants all of us to live our best life, which means we can relax into our natural state of being, the one that moves us away from some of our old conditioning, so we can feel more at ease in our vast and beautiful heart allowing far greater joy and a life that feels far more fulfilling. This wise source will show you how and has been my doorway to greater self-love, acceptance and spiritual understanding.

I think of Guidance like a radio frequency that’s always on. I believe it is accessible and available to all of us. Some years ago I just happen to dial in.

About Your Reading

Tarot won’t tell your fortune but it will guide your future.

During your reading you’ll gain powerful insight with clear details plus actions you can take to get what you most desire. You can ask specific questions about any topic (health, finances, relationship, jobs, etc) because the more specific you are, the more specific you can be guided. You can also come for general – just tell me what it is I need to know – messages.

You will also receive positive tools to take with you that’ll help further your journey long after your reading is over.

Schedule your appointment so we can get you the information you seek!

The Motto for Tarot and Guidance is “Know Thyself.” I know from personal experience that self inquiry is the doorway to the personal well-being we seek. It is an act of love. When we change for the better it is also richly better for the world. So whether you use my services or not, I thank you, because your quest to understand and gain insight is no small endeavor and I am hugely inspired.

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