George Floyd

Today’s musing is a little different. In light of the past few weeks and the death of George Floyd, I felt it important to ask Guidance about it. Below is there response.

Anger is a motivator. It allows humans to see more clearly what is bothering them, but we ask that anger not be the end all
for when anger stays, nothing good can come.

What we are asking is that you become more aware when it is time to turn your anger toward love and hope.

Humans are afraid in this moment because there is much you do not know. And “not knowing,” that more than anything frightens humans.

The “what will happen?” leaves many humans searching, wondering, or filling that space with fear – as if you have climbed down into the basement that you were warned about, but went anyway.

So we ask that you turn your attention to hope. Hope creates a wide open space that does not need to be filled with the how’s or the when’s or the why’s, but offers the creation of what is possible.

If you are one who believes that possibility can be filled with Love and Understanding, then fill the expanse of what you think you don’t know with what you do know; that Love is where your heart leads you.

As seekers, what you have been taught is this: “where the attention goes, the energy flows.” So why then would you want all attention on anger? Why then would you want all your attention on fear? Why then would you want all your attention on futility and worry?

You are human with human emotions so we are not telling you to ignore the depth of your despair – you must give it its due. All we are asking is that you not live there indefinitely.

We are asking you to find a motivated way to reach into what is unknown – to fill it with hope, and love, so you can discover what happens when you feel that.

We know that you believe in the Truth of Compassion. In the Truth of Love. This is what you want to see in the world. This is what you want to feel. And this joy of feeling can be resurrected when you allow hope back into your hearts.

Do not forget that you can move mountains. Do not forget how powerful you are. Do not forget how you can manifest the world you want to see.

Choose Love. Remember to be kind to the open space of the “I don’t know.” Fear cannot touch you there when you become curious about what is possible, of your making.

We ask that you fill the void of unknowing with what YOU know is more Truth worthy than fear or despair or hopelessness because if you continue to be pulled by those who would fill the void with what is negative, you too will live there and we know as you do, that that is no place to stay.

For this is not a place where light can shine.

There are no guarantees in life, but Love and Hope are never wrong.

Find ways to be filled with Hope and imagine the world you want to see. Make this so and see what happens.

Guidance Message week of 6.8.20

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