About Jill Amy

I’m a Jewish woman, disabled from birth, who grew up in the Bronx. I tell you this only because being a go between for Spirit was not something I ever thought I’d be doing, yet here I am; helping others as I’ve been helped by Tarot and the Universal wisdom I channel that I call “Guidance.”

I spent my childhood in and out of hospitals. Having a disability didn’t do much for my self esteem. I spent many of my adult years depressed, lacking confidence, and believing I was un-lovable. The profound teachings from Tarot Guidance helped me to blossom into the woman I am today – someone who is more content and more trusting of the world around her.

It took time to get use to this calling as a Tarot Guidance reader but I finally realized that the insight from these wonderful loving sources had to be shared. To this day, I remain in awe, amazed by the information that comes through. Therefore I never take what is offered for granted.

Tarot and Me

In the late 70’s I received my first deck of Tarot cards as a gift. I was instantly drawn into the beauty of the cards so I studied them. My skill and intuition deepened and the gifts I received from Tarot offered insights about myself which changed my perspective for the better. After years of reading for myself, friends asked if I’d read for them, then their friends asked, then the friends of those friends asked. Word of my work spread and today I have new and returning clients from all over the world.

Guidance and Me

I was in my thirties when a voice came through that I knew wasn’t mine because the messages were far wiser than my intuition had ever been. I opened to this source. Over time, my connection to the Universe deepened. What I’ve learned and continue to learn from Guidance is the reason I grow and change. Due to them, my life is infinitely better and it is their profound wisdom I share with others.


Grandma and Me

Before my dad died he told me I reminded him of his mother Clara, a Russian Jew who immigrated to the U.S. from Argentina. I never met my grandmother who died before I was born. But my father, who loved his mother dearly, told me that she had insightful wisdom. That people came from all over the Bronx to seek her advice. They said she had a profound “gift.” My dad who witnessed this, was convinced I inherited my “gift” from her.

I’ll never know if I inherited my grandmother’s “gift” but I do know that I’m proud and humbled to carry on her helping legacy to you.

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